Tooth Colored Fillings

These beautiful restorations blend in with your natural teeth.

Our best artistry should never be noticed! We take the extra care and time to place bonded composite restorations that blend in with your natural teeth. Most people think teeth are white. Skilled cosmetic dentists with advanced training in esthetic dentistry actually see about twenty different shades of white. We will often use a variety of composite resin materials to achieve the best result for you. This is the most common type of restoration used in our office.

  • Blends in to natural teeth
  • Can be used to build up fractured and chipped teeth
  • Can cover stains and cracks
  • Very conservative treatment
  • Often involves less drilling than other restorations
  • Restore decayed teeth back to beautiful health and beauty
  • Bonding can greatly reduce post treatment sensitivity to cold and sweets.
  • Restorations with composites require less tooth preparation than those for silver fillings, thus conserving natural tooth structure.
  • Cosmetic Bonding can be done to close gaps or spaces between teeth.
  • Tooth-colored fillings promote better peace of mind because no traces of mercury are used.