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If you have one missing tooth or several, a dental bridge is an affordable, effective way to replace missing teeth. At Mineola Smiles in Mineola, New York, Andrew Sackser, DDS, creates beautiful, natural-looking fixed bridgework for patients with missing teeth. For a custom-made dental bridge, call Dr. Sackser at Mineola Smiles today or schedule an appointment online.

Bridges Q & A

What are bridges?

A dental bridge replaces and restores missing teeth. The bridge is made up of an artificial tooth held securely in place by two dental crowns. These crowns fit over the two teeth on either side of your missing tooth. Once placed, a dental bridge blends in seamlessly with your smile.

What are the benefits of bridges?

When you lose a permanent tooth, the rest of your teeth gradually shift toward the empty space. Not only does this change the way your teeth fit together, but it also affects your ability to chew. Missing teeth can also lead to nutritional deficiencies. Along with difficulty eating, they can alter your speech patterns.

Teeth also play an essential role in maintaining your face shape. Losing one or more teeth can change the way your face looks. Without support from your teeth, the tissues surrounding your face sag, making you look older than you are.

A dental bridge is an affordable treatment that eliminates these problems. It restores your tooth function, speech patterns, and chewing abilities while maintaining the shape of your face. Bridges are also strong and durable. With proper care, they can last 5-15 years.

How are bridges placed?

Placing a bridge requires at least two visits to Mineola Smiles. At the first appointment, Dr. Sackser examines your mouth, which typically includes X-rays. Next, he prepares your two supporting teeth (abutment teeth) for dental crowns. He reshapes these teeth to make room for your crowns.

Before you leave the office, Dr. Sackser takes impressions of your mouth. These impressions serve as models for your two crowns and your artificial tooth, called a pontic. Since it takes 2-4 weeks to create these restorations, Dr. Sackser fits you with a temporary bridge in the meantime.

At your final visit, Dr. Sackser replaces your temporary restoration with your custom-made bridge. Once you’re satisfied with the look and fit, he cements the bridge in place to restore your smile.

A dental bridge is a safe, long-lasting choice for replacing missing teeth. To find out if a bridge is right for you, call Mineola Smiles today or book an appointment online.