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Cavities and tooth decay are the most common dental complaint requiring professional attention. Andrew Sackser, DDS, and the team at Mineola Smiles are experienced at providing tooth fillings that prevent further damage if you’re suffering from cavities or tooth decay. Call their office in Mineola, New York, or schedule an appointment online today to protect your long-term oral health.

Fillings Q & A

What are tooth fillings?

Tooth fillings are materials used to fill teeth damaged by cavities. Fillings prevent further damage and decay by blocking bacteria from entering your healthy tooth structures and filling in the spaces where they like to settle.

Dr. Sackser can create fillings from a variety of different materials. The most common filling materials include:

  • Porcelain
  • Amalgam (silver)
  • Gold
  • Composite plastic resin

At Mineola Smiles, Dr. Sackser chooses the best filling material for you based on factors such as your budget, any allergies you have, the potential for wear-and-tear in the filled area, and the location of the filling.

For example, if the tooth getting a filling is in the front of your mouth where it will be more visible, you’ll likely want one made from composite resin. With this material, your dentist can match the color of the filling to that of your natural teeth.

What should I expect when getting a tooth filling?

Dr. Sackser begins the process by numbing the area with a local anesthetic and removing all existing tooth decay from your tooth. He then cleans and shapes the leftover space, removing the tooth decay by drilling through your enamel.

It’s important all existing tooth decay and bacteria be removed before adding the filling. If left behind, bacteria continue to wreak havoc with your oral health.

Once they’ve removed the tooth decay and cleaned and shaped the area getting the filling, your dentist applies etching, which is an acid gel that helps the filling bond to your tooth.

After etching, Dr. Sackser fills your tooth with a variety of composite resin materials. He concludes the process by shaping and polishing your new filling so it fits seamlessly with your bite and smile.

Does getting a tooth filling hurt?

The process of getting a filling can be uncomfortable, especially when your dentist is drilling through the tooth enamel and cleaning out tooth decay. To ease your discomfort, Dr. Sackser applies a local anesthetic before performing the procedure, and often even a topical anesthetic to ease discomfort from the local anesthetic injection. But rest assured, Dr. Sackser will walk you through the procedure so that you know what to expect and will have your comfort in mind at all times.

If you suspect you have a cavity that requires a filling, call Mineola Smiles or schedule an appointment online today.